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Discuss climate change, imagine solutions, share knowledge… create climate!


How can you face the climate change?
How can we do it together?
This is a site where I will try to answer these questions by creating a source of climate change ideas, solutions and perspectives. So we can internalize that we are part of the problem, and we are part of the solution too.
The bricks of this construction will be taken from my transit on Earth and my interaction with science, universities, books, conferences, colleagues, family, friends and more.
It is uncertain that we can stay together in this road for a while, so let’s act here and now!

 – Bernardo Bastien



University College London. London, UK.
MSc Climate Change

University of Oslo. Oslo, Norway.
International Summer School.

National Autonomous University of Mexico. Mexico City, Mexico.
BSc Earth Sciences, Atmospheric Science Track.

École Polytechnique de Montréal.
Research Internship.

University of California, Berkeley. California, United States of America
Study abroad semester.



Forja, Culturas en Movimiento, A. C. – Climate Consultant (2015 – present)

Climate Change Research Program – Researcher (2015-2016)

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