Last year I was in ‘A changing Arctic’ course at university of Oslo as pat of a summer school. I had great moments, I learned about the Arctic in a multi-disciplinary environment and most of all I created long lasting friendships!

A Changing Arctic

To kick of the first of the Guest Blog posts for “A Changing Arctic,” course secretary Grace Shephard got in contact with Bernardo Adolfo Bastién Olvera from the class of 2016. Bernie is originally from Mexico, has a research background in climate simulations, and will soon start a PhD at University of California Davis. Here is his interview.

It is now a year since you were at the summer school – what have you been up to?

After summer school I went back to Mexico for the summer and then I came to London to start an MSc in climate change in University College London.

ArcticCrew Class of 2016 at the Fridjtof Nansen Institute (FNI). Photo: B. Olvera

What are your lasting memories and impressions from the summer school course at UiO? Have you stayed in contact with your classmates?

I have great memories of the very diverse lectures that we…

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