What a better way to spend the summer but learning from international great minds and sharing unforgettable lifelong experiences.

This is what I’m living at the International Summer School of the University of Oslo, a great experience that brings together hundreds of students from all over the world to study relevant topics of our global society nowadays, offering courses as ‘Human rights’, ‘Peace research’, or, my current class: ‘A changing Arctic‘.

As a climatologist I find fascinating the atmospheric, ocean and ice dynamics of this particular region of the world. But I am also learning how complex and enthralling are the relations between Arctic countries, concerning their economic and politic activities in the legal and international relationships framework.

Here is a great article about last year’s course, so you can have an idea about what are we up to. And for sure I will find the opportunity to tell you more about my experience in the future, but so far I want to share with you a 10-minute video of my presentation to the group, where I explain one of my strongest research topics: Climate models with fuzzy logic.

I hope you enjoy and learn something new, in the meantime I will keep improving my presentation skills. Here is an overview of the video:

[Title]  Diapositiva1
Example of a system: mountain + hiker
Modeling: Altitude

Example of a system: human body
Modeling: Growing process

Climate system
Modeling: surface temperature
Requirements of complex models  Diapositiva5
Why we need alternative models?  Diapositiva6
Analogy: climate system = machine with gears  Diapositiva7
Creating simple models, fixing some of the gears  Diapositiva8
This is how we use this simple models to obtain a similar result, using fuzzy logic.  Diapositiva9
Comparison between the complex and the simple models  Diapositiva10
How it looks from the inside  Diapositiva11
An example of how this kind of models work  Diapositiva12
Some projections using this kind of model  Diapositiva13
Why alternative models are so important for facing climate change  Diapositiva14
Thank you  Diapositiva15